Deliver safely nucleic acids in you favorite cells!

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What is it for?  Use it if you want to transfect cells with plasmids OR with RNAi.  

Designed by  Prisca Boisguerin, Gudrun Aldrian, Karidia Konate, Eric Vivès, Sébastien Deshayes.
Powered by the WRAP5 technology published in Bioconjugate Chemistry.



Absence of toxicity



can be provided under non-fluorescent or fluorescent form: mCherry, eGFP or both or mEos2 

xx s

can be stored 6 months in a fridge 


are non-infectious virus-like nanoparticles

Animated protocol



Simplified protocol

The material you will need is only:

WRAP5, Prisca, Gudrun, Karidia, Eric, Sébastien and us

We are a group of five researchers coming from different scientific fields (biology, biochemistry, chemistry and biophysics) but what we have in common is the development of cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs) as delivery system for therapeutic molecules. However, because most of the common delivery systems are internalized via endocytosis-dependent pathways (= therapeutic molecules with low accessibility), we decided to put all our common knowledge on CPPs together to design new peptides for the cellular delivery of nucleic acids via direct cell translocation (= therapeutic molecules with fast accessibility). After a short screening using a standard procedure, the WRAP (W- and R-rich peptide) family was selected as effective siRNA delivery systems without any toxic side-effects compared to other transfection reagents. 
Interdisciplinarity and complementary expertise of our consortium seem to be the accurate ingredients for a successful “recipe”.
Odoo • Image and Text Eric, Gudrun, Prisca, Karidia, Sébastien

Odoo • Image and TextEsther Graudens
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