Helixohm probes are extremely stable electroactive compounds used as molecular probes for the detection of nucleic acids in molecular biology. They consist in a range of probes with different standard electroactive potentials.

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Designed by Damien Marchal
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LEox technology published in ACS Publications


Chemical Formula

 [Os(bpy) 2 dppz] (PF6) 2


1074,83 M

0,65 V/SCE

Kb(25°C) / Kb(60°C)

1 500 000 M -1  / 400 000 M -1

Robust & reliable

LEox technology can be used in a turbid environment and raw samples (like saliva, urine, sweat, etc.) and in the presence of fluorescence inhibitors 


Compatible with a large range of applications like genotyping, SNP detection, normal shift assay, conventional biosensing on DNA, RNA and protein samples


Electroactive but no fluorescent properties reported to date


 PCR reaction
LAMP reaction Conventional electrochemical measurement 

Combined with in-vitro gene amplification, LEO probes allow indirect electrochemical detection of DNA at subattomolar concentrations - a few DNA - copies. Combined with a melting curve, LEO probes allow to differentiate two different amplified DNA strands by a single nucleic base pair. Since the LEO probe is an electroactive molecule, its concentration, free in solution or bound to double-stranded DNA, is measured by an electrochemical measurement, usually square wave voltammetry.



Helixohm by Damien Marchal

We designed LEox with the idea of simplifying the detection of DNA from a biological target by combining robust and inexpensive electrochemical detection with in vitro DNA amplification. LEox is an intercalating electrochemical DNA probe with a potential suitable for measurement in aqueous media (E0 = 0.65 V vs. Ag/AgCl) and a high DNA affinity constant (Kb,60°C = 4.105 M-1). It can detect any double-stranded DNA fragment at sub-micromolar concentrations. We hope you will enjoy these probes as much as we did during their development!

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