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Let’s gather a community of 50 early adopters of Phimask and collectively scale down its price to 3K€ per unit. You want to join us? It’s easy:

1. Fill in the form below to receive your quotation.
2. Send us your purchase order.
3. Share the news around you to help us gather 50 researchers. Remember that we need to be 50 to manufacture 50 Phimasks at once, and optimize their manufacturing costs at 3K€ each.
4. Pay only upon receiving your Phimask (the manufacturing process will last 3 months).

What happens if we are not 50 and don’t scale down the Phimask price to 3K€ per unit? Well, we will not launch the Phimask production. And, in compliance with standard public market practices, your purchase order will be cancelled.

So don't forget to share the news around you: the sooner we'll be 50, the better!