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Kit Description

Each "Starter kit" is composed of 2 sheets of 50 Stencells each. The 50 Stencells of each sheet are fully identical. Upon receipt of your purchase order, you will be able to choose either the same design for your 2 sheets, or 2 different designs (1 per sheet of 50). See the 5 designs to choose from in the gallery on the left:
- Solo: 1 circular well - Diam. 12 mm
- Quartet: 4 circular wells - Diam. 3 mm
- Nonet: 9 circular wells - Diam. 3 mm
- Presto: 2 oblong wells spaced by 0.35 mm
- Allegro: 2 oblong wells spaced by 0.62 mm

Each "Get your own design" kit is composed of 1 design study to develop your project and 2 sheets of 50 Stencells each, priced as the ones available in the "Starter kit". You can mix your design with the already existing ones and create your very own Stencell sheets.

Our prices decrease with the numbers.
Ask us for special volume quotations.

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Stencell starts with 5 different designs to choose from
Each design is delivered in sheets of 50 units. The "Starter kit" includes 2 sheets of 50.
You can order 100 Stencells of the same design, or 50 Stencells of Presto and 50 of Solo, for instance.

Want your own Stencell design?
Pick "Get your own design" kit. We will define the technical characteristics of your design with you and start producing it right away.
Fair price: the price of this custom kit includes a study fee and a kit of 2 sheets of 50 (that you can mix as you like).

When do you choose your designs?
You tell us which design you want when you send us your purchase order.

High-volume needed? Our prices decrease with the numbers: ask us for special volume quotations.