The Test Programs by Idylle


Most Frequent Questions

Why do I need to buy the product when my test is conclusive?

The Test Program is a scheme to help you try before you buy. This is why you test real products in real conditions during 4 weeks– and not a simple sample for a few days. For instance, we don’t send an Everspark Test Program with 1 vial only inside. We know how it is to test a buffer, you usually need to experiment with several configurations before finding the right one for your particular workflow. So you receive 10 vials. You also get the full service offer in terms of support from our team. In the end, if you’re satisfied with the product because it improves your results or practice, then you can buy it at a preferential price and you can keep it for further experiments. 

What happens if my test is not conclusive?

If you are not satisfied and your test is not conclusive, then you won’t have to pay anything. You will discuss with your Test Program manager to organize repatriation of the product at Idylle.

Will I test samples?

We never provide samples to test. You will receive real products because we know you usually need more than 1 experiment to test a product thoroughly.

Can I make a break during a Test Program I already started?

If you need a pause during your Test Program, please refer to your Idylle Test Program manager. You will evaluate together if and how you will be able to restart it later.

What happens if I want to test further after 4 weeks?

Please refer to your Test Program manager if you need a few extra days to complete your tests. At Idylle, we adapt to most of the unexpected :)

Can I keep a product after my test is over?

Yes. After you have finished testing the product, you keep it and use it further at will. We will send you an invoice for it.

Why do I receive a quote when I start a Test Program?

Some laboratories request a purchase order before being able to pay an invoice. Therefore, we systematically send a quote to facilitate your administrative work. This quote will be used if you are satisfied with the product you tested. And it will of course be cancelled if you’re not satisfied with it.

Why do I need to provide feedback in the end? 

We highly value your feedback because it contributes to the Idylle process of continuously improving the tools we publish. It may confirm or deny an hypothesis of new experimental usage of the product, for instance. Or reveal unexpected results. In any case, we will learn something and will share it for the benefit of the whole scientific community of users - and developers!

What kind of feedback will I provide? And how?

The feedback we are interested in are the information on the experiments you carried out. It helps us continuously improving the tools we publish. So we will first send you a feedback form of a few questions to fill in. You will mainly be asked to describe your experiment (material you used, steps…), the way you used the protocol, the number of successful experiments, and if you faced a problem. Then we will set up a 15 to 30 min call together to discuss about it. 

Do I need to provide results for the feedback?

Of course if you got great results with the product you tested, we’ll be more than happy to know!

Is my feedback anonymous? 

We use the feedback you provide to grow the knowledge about the best usage of a technology developed by researchers for researchers. We may share it by name with the developers of the technology if they want to get in contact with you to discuss your results. We might also aggregate it with the feedback from the community of users, to publish information about new practices revealed by the tests. It will be, in that case, anonymous.

What happens if I don’t share feedback?

If you keep an innovative product after your 4-week Test period without providing feedback, it means that you simply prefer to buy it. In this case, we will send you an invoice at the normal price of the product instead of the price of the Test Program.