The Early-user program

Money back guarantee upon 6 weeks

Under this Early-user program, try innovative products 
with a money back guarantee if the products do not work with your experimental conditions
Ask us a refund until 6 weeks after receiving the product.

Find here the full terms & conditions of this Early-user program

Trying innovations before everyone

The Program is open for the first 3 months after the product launch 

At a reduced price

Under this program, the product price is lower than the retail price. 
Our sales and technical support is exactly the same.

Not wasting a budget

Because very innovative products may not work 100% of the time, researchers can get reimbursed until 6 weeks after their purchase if their use of the product is not conclusive.

Products you can try this month


FakirSlide is composed of borosilicate nanostructured slides to study membrane curvatures.

Registrations to the Early-User Program are open until: January 7.



ColorFlux is a fast, reliable and non-toxic solution for measuring bacterial efflux for your research on antibiotic resistance.

Registrations to the Early-User Program are open until: December 4.


Everspark 2.0

Everspark 2.0 is a long-lasting blinking buffer for dSTORM microscopy compatible with 3-colour imaging. 

Registrations to the Early-User Program are open until: November 30. 


      Picture credit: Adrien Converse on Unsplash