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 "Fail faster, succeed sooner."


I started as a biologist then things got complicated. As I was studying biotechnology at the university of nîmes, my work experiences  went from bacteriology and molecular biology and then shifted to droplet microfluidics , microrheology to finally culminate with a Phd in 3D cell culture and biomaterial engineering. I came to enjoy multidisciplinary environments and their associated challenges and will carry on with this philosophy over the next years.

Research topics

I like multidisciplinary challenges. Nowadays, my current research topic involves structuring and functionalizing soft hydrogels to create biocompatible templates that support the tridimensional culture of cells such as cell lines, primary cells or stem cells. To achieve that, I make extensive use of photochemistry paired with a patterned illumination device.

Fields of interest

3D Cell culture, organoïds, photochemistry, soft matter, microfabrication.




Designed with Vincent Studer and Pierre-Olivier Strale

Stencell is the ready-to-use sticky foil with compartments that you can use for cellular confinement. It is designed to standardize the experiments and to minimize the consumption of reagents.


Pasturel A, Strale PO, Studer V. T. Tailoring 3D cell culture templates with common hydrogels. August 01, 2019. bioRxiv preprint 370882. https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/370882v5