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Helixohm by LEox
Damien Marchal

Helixohm probes are extremely stable electroactive compounds used as molecular probes for the detection of nucleic acids in molecular biology. They consist in a range of probes with different standard electroactive potentials.Discover.

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Everspark by Eternity
Karine Monier, Arnaud Favier,
Christophe Place

Everspark is a ready-to-use dSTORM super-resolution microscopy buffer offering long-term and stable fluorescence imaging over several weeks. Discover.

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Dynatwist by scDNA
Terence Strick, Charlie Gosse

Dynatwist are supercoilable double-stranded DNA molecules with exceptional stability and high purity (> 95%). Discover.

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Lipilight by Membright
Andrey Klymchenko, Mayeul Collot

Jan. 31, 2020 - After the success of Lipilight, the MemBright designers have decided to experiment new options to sell their probes. True to our values of fostering open science and supporting the communities of researchers around innovative technologies, we are stopping selling the Lipilight references we designed together. We thank you all warmfully for your support and trust. Let’s go forward building a life science community made by researchers for researchers together!