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Biologist by training, I came to the Molecular Electrochemistry Laboratory in 1999 to bring my skills in biochemistry and molecular biology. I started by working on a fundamental research theme aimed at understanding the functioning of redox membrane co-factors. From 2003, together with my colleague Benoit Limoges, I developed a theme focusing on analytical electrochemistry. The aim was to use electrochemistry as a method of ultra-sensitive biological target detection. We initially worked on the concepts of electro-enzymatic biosensors offering cost advantages and robustness compared to optics. Then, starting in 2005, we sought to apply these same advantages to real-time PCR approaches, leading to Leox technology.

Research Topics

Together with my team, we are working on the development and study of different supramolecular assemblies by electrochemical methods, whether in homogeneous solution or immobilized at the electrode surface. The design, synthesis and assembly of molecules with multiple chemical and physico-chemical properties and, depending on the purpose, the functionalization of electrodes by immobilizing these molecules allows the development of electrochemical devices for analytical applications and fundamental studies.

Fields of interest




by LEox

Helixohm probes are extremely stable electroactive compounds used as molecular probes for the detection of nucleic acids in molecular biology.  They consist in a range of probes with different standard electroactive potentials.

Several Publications

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