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 "Long-term sparkling is all to gather motivation."


I was born in Algiers in 1969. I followed a biological cursus at Grenoble University and then chose a lab mixing computing sciences and microscopy imaging for my Ph.D with Michel Robert-Nicoud on genome mapping by fluorescence in situ hybridization obtained in 1997. Attracted by live-cell imaging, I decided to join the Kevin Sullivan lab at TSRI in San Diego to work on centromeres and kinetochores. In 2004, I was selected to start my junior group at ENS Lyon on Epigenetics of pericentromeres. In 2007, I moved to a recent onsite transdisciplinary lab to work with chemists and physicists, where I was recruited as research engineer at CNRS in 2009. I started to work with Philippe Bouvet's  group on nucleolin and jointly developed a new project on super-resolution microscopy with a transdisciplinary consortium in the Joliot Curie Lab.

Research topics

Currently I work at CRCL (Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie de Lyon), in Jean-Jacques Diaz's team on: 1- Pursuing the development of Everspark buffer for single molecule localisation microscopy for multi-color imaging applications. 2- Positionning the essential protein nucleolin in the centrosomal space and basal body space to better decipher its function at centrosome before and after ciliogenesis.

Fields of interest

Cellular functions of nucleolin, positionning of nucleolin at centrosome, cell surface regulation of nucleolin in cancer cells, centromeres and kinetochores in mitosis, pericentromeres and heterochromatin in S and G2 phases.





Everspark is a ready-to-use super-resolution microscopy buffer offering long-term and stable fluorescence imaging over several weeks.

Several publications

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