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Terence STRICK


« Our mission: to help democratize the use of single-molecule approaches in labs interested in taking the leap to the nanoscale. We operate in and foster an open and supportive collaborative environment where anybody and everybody is welcome to visit. »


As an undergraduate in the Physics Department of Princeton University from 1990 to 1994, I received four years of training in theoretical and experimental physics. I also had the opportunity to explore fields adjacent to physics, and started studying biology at the same time. After graduating with Honors I successfully competed for admission to the Ecole normale supérieure in Paris, France where I continued to study phyics and biology and carried out my PhD research under the supervision of David Bensimon and Vincent Croquette in the Statistical Physics Laboratory of the Physics Department, At that time I proposed to David and Vincent the first design of what is now known as the magnetic trap and built the protoype instrument and DNA substrates which allowed for single-molecule analysis of DNA's mechanical response to supercoiling.

Research topics

Our research efforts lead us to simultaneously pursue both fundamental and applied topics, focusing on the expression of genetic information and the development of novel techniques to detect discrete molecular interactions in real-time and at single-molecule resolution. We are particularly interested in the mechanisms underlying prokaryotic and eukaryotic transcription. Our longstanding interest in the properties of DNA have also led us to invest heavily into the study of DNA repair, presumably one of the most vital functions of the cell. Most recently, we have begun to consider DNA as a useful nanomaterial for the localization and control of molecular species such as protein and drug molecules.

Fields of interest




by scDNA

Dynatwist is a supercoilable double-stranded DNA molecules with exceptional stability and high purity (> 95%).

Several publications

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