Note: For service of a product without a Test Program, please review the Idylle General Terms..


These Terms of service of Use in their version dated 01/01/2022 (hereinafter referred to as "TS") are a contract that is formed between:

"Idylle", a simplified joint-stock company with a capital of € 50,000, registered in the Commercial Register under number 848 735 056 and whose registered office is 68 Boulevard de Port-Royal in Paris (75005), France, registered under B 848.735.056, and

"The Tester" means any natural person who uses the services of Idylle for any reason whatsoever. In accordance with the laws of its country of residence, The Tester must be of legal age and have the right or have been authorized to contract with Idylle.

These Terms of Services are intended to set the terms and conditions under which The Tester may use the Service defined below.

In the event that The Tester accesses other services that Idylle publishes that are not described below, The Tester must read and accept the TS and conditions specific to these other services prior to their use.

1      Definitions

1.1 Service: refers to the Test Program service for which Idylle provides The Tester with products to be tested, the Test Program being formalized by a Registration Form to be completed by The Tester. The Test Program Service is different from the Idylle product sales service. If The Tester wants to access the Idylle products sales service, The Tester should go to the following address: https://www.idylle-labs.com/terms-of-service

1.2 Terms of Services (or "TS"): means these general conditions of use applicable to the Test Program Service and the use of Idylle products to be tested provided as part of the Test Program Service.

1.3 Registration Form: means the form to be completed by The Tester in order to register to the Test Program.

1.4 Feedback Form: means the form to be completed by The Tester at the end of the Test Program in order to provide Idylle with The Tester’s results of experimental use of the product supplied for the Test Program.

1.5 Test Period: means the Test Program is limited in time. The Test Program starts and ends at the dates indicated by Idylle upon reception of The Tester’s Registration Form. 

Acceptance of the TS

2.1.   These TS apply only to the TS.

2.2.     The Service is subject to the absolute condition that The Tester accepts without reserve all the rules defined in these TS. The acceptance of the TS is materialized concretely by ticking a box provided for this purpose or by clicking on a button to accept the TS.

2.3.     If The Tester does not accept or if The Tester does not comply with any of these rules after accepting them, The Tester will not have any right to benefit from the Service, nor to use the products provided under the Service.

2.4. As part of the good management of the Idylle Service (including the addition and removal of features), Idylle can at any time modify the TS. Each new version immediately replaces the previous version. Each new version of the Idylle TS will be posted on the Idylle website at the following address: https://www.idylle-labs.com/terms-of-service and The Tester will receive information informing The Tester of the modifications made. The Tester will be able to accept or reject these changes. If The Tester accepts the modifications made to the TS, the new TS will automatically replace the original TS without further formalities. If The Tester declines these changes, Idylle may discontinue the Service at its sole discretion and Article 3.6 of these TS will apply.

2.5. The Tester is therefore invited to refer to the Terms and Conditions applicable at the time of The Tester’s use of the Service, which The Tester must adhere to and comply with in order to benefit from the Service.

3 Duration and termination

3.1. The Tester is registered for a finite period at Idylle’s Test Program Service as indicated in the Registration Form The Tester fills in. The duration of each Test Program is indicated in the email The Tester receives from Idylle upon Registration. 

3.2. The Tester may terminate its Test Program Service at any time by sending an email to: [email protected] or by mail to: Customer Service - IDYLLE - 30 Rue de Campo-Formio - 75013 Paris - France.

3.3. If The Tester wishes to terminate its Test Program before the end of the Test Program and if The Tester has already received the products to be tested, The Tester will have the obligation to send the products back to IDYLLE - 30 Rue de Campo-Formio - 75013 Paris - France at his/her own expenses within 15 (fifteen) days after The Tester has informed by email Idylle at [email protected] about his/her decision to end the Test Program before completion.

3.4. If The Tester does not accept the modifications of the Idylle TS as set forth in Article 2.4 of these TS, within 30 days after the information of modifications or The Tester violates one of the rules stipulated in these TS, Idylle reserves the right to terminate The Tester’s Test Program. The Tester will be required to send the products of the Test Program to IDYLLE - 30 Rue de Campo-Formio - 75013 Paris - France at The Tester’s own expenses within 15 (fifteen) days after the end of its Test Program.

4      Description of the Service 

4.1 The Test Program is a service provided by Idylle to researchers who register for the Service through a Registration Form.

4.2 The Test Program allows to test one Idylle product. It requires to provide feedback on the use of the Idylle product to Idylle through both completing a Feedback Form and exchanging during a face-to-face meeting with one Idylle representative. 

4.3     The Tester agrees to test the product during the Test Period, according to the instructions provided and to respond as accurately as possible to both the Feedback Form and the representative of Idylle.

4.4       The Product will be sent to The Tester at the expense and under the responsibility of Idylle, to the postal address that The Tester communicated on his/her Registration Form. Idylle will entrust the product to a carrier for it to be delivered to The Tester on the date The Tester indicated on his/her Registration Form. Idylle cannot be held responsible for any late delivery. The sending methods will be freely chosen by Idylle with regard to the nature of the products. In case of change of postal address, The Tester will need to communicate the new address 15 days before Idylle sends the products.

4.5 Should The Tester have any remaining product after the Test Program has ended, and should The Tester be willing to use it, Idylle will send The Tester an invoice to buy the product that was delivered for the test by Idylle. 

4.6 Should The Tester have any remaining product after the Test Program has ended, and should The Tester be willing to not use it, Idylle will organize with The Tester its return to Idylle. 

5      Claim

5.1.    Any claim must be addressed to [email protected] or by mail to: Customer Service – IDYLLE - 30 Rue de Campo-Formio - 75013 Paris - France.

6      Personal data 

6.1  The provisions related to Idylle's obligations regarding the protection of personal data can be found in Idylle's privacy policy which The Tester can consult on the following page: https://www.idylle-labs.com/politique-de-confidentialite

7      Confidentiality and intellectual property

7.1 The products are and remain the exclusive property of Idylle.

7.2 The products are intended for "research use" only and not for "commercial" use. They cannot, under any circumstances, be used and tested on behalf of / for any other laboratory or any other private company than The Tester’s laboratory or private company.

7.3 The Tester retains the ownership and / or control of any results obtained when performing the Test Program using the Idylle products.

7.4 The Feedback Form and its contents are and remain the exclusive property of Idylle. The Tester has only a personal right of use, for the sole purpose of completing the Feedback Form as accurately as possible.

7.5 Idylle reserves the right to analyze the usage results that The Tester fills in the Feedback Form, to compare them with other results from other researchers, and to use them to communicate them anonymously to its user communities via its website, emails or any other media.

7.6 In the event that Idylle wishes to communicate The Tester’s specific data including The Tester’s name, Idylle must obtain The Tester’s prior written authorization.

8      Limitations of responsibilities

8.1    The Idylle products sent for testing are for The Tester only. They are meant for research tests by Testers. Idylle is in no way responsible for the use The Tester makes of it outside the protocol of use and storage that Idylle provides with each product to test. Idylle is in no way responsible for the use The Tester makes of it outside the authorized use and necessary for the response of the Feedback Form. It is The Tester’s responsibility to follow the usage and storage instructions provided with the products. These instructions are an integral part of these TS and are also accessible for each product via the documents provided by Idylle to achieve the best test results. By accepting these TS and requesting to receive a product to test, The Tester accepts these instructions.

9   Sanctions

9.1      Idylle reserves the right at any time in the event of violation of any of the rules stipulated in these TS of:

1.1  terminating, immediately and without notice, these TS and in this case Article 4.6 will apply; and or

1.2  restricting, limiting, preventing, deleting, modifying or moderating any information, message, opinion, about The Tester; and or

1.3  restricting, suspending temporarily or partially The Tester’s access to the Services; and or

1.4  putting a definitive, total term on The Tester’s access to the Service; and or

1.5  taking any action to report or prosecute The Tester.

9.2       Idylle also reserves the right to communicate to any competent authority in the context of an amicable or judicial procedure any elements, information or data concerning The Tester in Idylle’s possession.

10   Miscellaneous provisions

10.1     The use of certain products may be subject to special conditions of use that will be added to these TS and will be communicated to The Tester separately. In case of conflict, contradiction or incompatibility between the TS and Conditions and certain special conditions, the latter shall prevail over these TS.

10.2    Idylle reserves the right, in the event of a violation on The Tester’s part of the TS, not to immediately take action or sanction. However, The Tester will still be considered in violation of the TS and Idylle will retain full opportunity to take any further action to remedy these violations.

10.3      In the event that one or more of the provisions of these TS will be totally or partially inapplicable, the other provisions will remain valid and enforceable.

11  Litigation and competent jurisdiction

11.1 Idylle takes the utmost care to ensure the best possible experience. However, if The Tester is not satisfied with his/her use of the Service, The Tester can contact Idylle at the following address: [email protected] or by mail at the address Customer Service - IDYLLE - 30 rue de Campo-Formio - 75013 Paris - France. Idylle will make its best efforts to bring The Tester satisfaction. 

11.2 Furthermore, before any legal action or recourse to a third party, The Tester undertakes to try to find an amicable solution with Idylle directly. Idylle is committed to responding as quickly as possible and making its best efforts to find an acceptable solution that protects The Tester’s interests and Idylle’s. 

11.3 These TS are subject to French law, excluding any rule of conflict of law, and any dispute relating to these TS, their interpretation and / or execution will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the District Court of the city from Paris to France. In the event that the law does not authorize The Tester to provide The Tester with the French courts or to designate an exclusive jurisdiction, the dispute will be brought before the competent courts.


This being said and accepted, Idylle wishes The Tester a very happy Test Program with the Idylle product!