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Strasbourg University

“Chemistry deserves a bright future in biological research and medicine of tomorrow”


I was born in Kherson, Ukraine, in 1976. I started my research in chemistry and photophysics of new fluorescent probes, subject of my doctoral thesis at the National University of Kiev in 2003. Then I worked at the University of Strasbourg in Yves Mely's group, where I could combine the synthesis of new probes with their bioimaging applications. In 2005, in order to extend my expertise in supramolecular chemistry and nanotechnology, I moved to the Catholic University of Louvain, in the group of Steven de Feyter. I then joined the CNRS in 2006, I received the CNRS bronze medal in 2010 and I was promoted research director in 2014. In 2015, I obtained the ERC BrightSens consolidation grant and I created a research group "Nanochemistry and bioimaging". My current research focuses on new chemical tools for biology, including fluorescent probes and nanoparticles for bioimaging and ultra-sensitive detection biomarkers.

Research Topics

With my team, we are working on new functional molecules and nanomaterials, called fluorescent probes, for biological and biomedical applications.

1) Fluorogenic and solvatochromic probes for: (1) cellular plasma membranes, lipid rafts and exosomes; (2) cellular organelles, e.g. lipid droplets, endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria, etc. (3) membrane receptors, especially GPCRs; (4) Nucleic acids in cells based on the concept of dye-aptamer ("spinach" -like) recognition.

2) Nanoparticles loaded with fluorescent dyes (NP) based on polymers or lipids (1) NPs ultra-small (5 to 50 nm) and super-bright (> 10 times brighter than Qdots); (2) fluorogenic and chromogenic NPs for RNA detection in medical diagnosis; (3) NP for multicolored cell tracking in the long term; (4) NPs for near-infrared in vivo imaging in cancer theranostic.  

Fields of interest

Fluorescent molecular probes; Solvatochromic and fluorogenic dyes; Fluorescent nanoparticles; Biosensing and bioimaging


Probes for cellular plasma membranes; Solvatochromic probes; Fluorogenic markers (peptides with proteins, nucleic acids and biomembranes)

Ultra-bright nanoparticles loaded with dyes based on polymers or lipids; Nanoparticle probes


Apoptosis; Lipid rafts; Endocytosis; Imaging of biomolecular interactions; Super-resolution; Cell tracking; Amplified detection of RNA


by MemBright

MemBright has been designed to ensure efficient, fast, homogeneous and bright fluorescence staining of cell plasma membranes. MemBright is compatible with various samples, including 2D and 3D cell cultures, organoids and tissues.

Several publications

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