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Karidia KONATE



I was graduated in chemistry at Pierre and Marie Curie’ University and completed my formation with a degree in the design of products formulated from dispersed systems. In 2005, I was recruited as CNRS engineer at the Centre de Recherche de Biologie cellulaire de Montpellier (CRBM) to characterize cell penetrating peptides and their mode of action by biophysical technics. As I work in a multidisciplinary team, obtaining my PhD (2015) was a logical consequence for me in the understanding and involvement in the research project that I was implied for many years. Recently, I joined the team n°4 "Development of the visceral smooth muscle and associated pathologies" at the laboratory Physiology and Experimental Biology of Heart and Muscles (PhyMedExp).

Research Topics

I work on the design and the development of cell penetrating peptides as a delivery system of nucleic acids but also as therapeutic adjuvant in gene therapy for disease like cancer or gastrointestinal disorders. I characterize the Peptide Based Nanoparticles (PBNs) formed by the combination of peptide and nucleic acids and evaluate their stability and their delivery efficiency in cell culture.  Membrane models (lipids bilayer as liposomes or lipids monolayer) are also a part of my expertise important in the comprehension of peptide behaviour in the delivery process at membrane level.

Fields of interest

Cell Penetrating Peptide, Nanoparticles, Formulation, Stability, Biology, Therapeutic.


Dynamic Light Scattering, Circular Dichroïsm, Fluorescence, Membrane models (Langmuir monolayers-liposomes), Western blot, Quantification assays (luciferase, LDH, BCA, etc.), Plasmide amplification, Cell culture, Microscopy.


Cell-penetrating peptides, Nanoparticle.



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Several publications

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