The super-resolution microscopy buffer that offers multicolor, long-term and stable fluorescence imaging:
prepare your samples one day, and image them every day for weeks

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What is it for? Use it if you want to decouple the preparation of your samples and their imaging.  For instance if you need to prepare your samples in your lab, and image them in your core facility 3 to 4 weeks later.
Use it if you want to image with red, far red and green dyes (eg. AF488).
Use different colors either at the same time or one after the other.

Designed by Karine Monier, Arnaud Favier and Christophe Place 

Reviewed by Pierre Bon, Ingrid Chamma, Benjamin Compans, Laurence Dubreil, Beatrice Durel, Tamas Gajdos, Sébastien Mailfert, Céline Malleval, Paolo Marchi, Delphine Muriaux, Jonny Nixon-Abell

Powered by the Eternity technology published in Scientific Reports 

The protocol of use with a glass-bottom dish

The protocol of use with a depression slide



High stability over time for repeated measurements

One mounted sample is stable over 3 to 4 weeks and can be imaged multiple times

Multicolor (incl. green)

Compatible with green, red & far red dyes (JF646, JF549, AF647, CF647, DL550, CF568, DL650, CF680, SulfoCy5) and mEos2

Ready to use

Can be used directly from the vial

Up to 6 months performance

Individualized packaging for optimal longevity


HILO, TIRF pattern

Option: customizable

Choose the MEA concentration, pH, optical index, or even additives

  Community ongoing tests

The community is currently testing those conditions:
Multiconditions at the same time or sequentially: High Content Screening / High Troughput

The community disclosed that Everspark does not work 100% efficiently with organs and tissues because there is most of the times a bit of remaining oxygen.

And we would love to know if somebody is testing PALM + STORM at the same time, as well as multiple conditions at once using Stencell !


The recipe to prepare a good sealing


  Simplified protocol

Everspark and us

"We designed the Everspark buffer to facilitate sample preparation for dSTORM super-resolution imaging. Indeed, an oxygen-free buffer containing a thiol reducer is central to promote fluorophore blinking and thus single molecule detection, required for dSTORM imaging. With classical buffers, such as the Glox buffer, fluorophore blinking lifetime is limited to a few hours. With Everspark buffer, it is now possible to increase sample lifetime to several weeks. We demonstrated that a calibrated sample mounted once with the Everspark buffer can be submitted to several rounds of dSTORM imaging to acquire and reconstruct a structure reproducible in coverage and precision, over a period of two months."

Contact the team about their technology.

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"When I was working on long manipulations, I dreamed of being able to stop at certain crucial stages. Everspark is the ideal answer to the problem of many researchers who prepare their samples in a hurry simply because they need to image them right away. The Everspark buffer eliminates this tension: they take the time to image whenever they want, with complete peace of mind. They can also make acquisitions over several days. This will really change the way people prepare their experimentations, and that's exactly what I like about my job!
In terms of production, I am very proud of the way we have managed to set up a just-in-time production process in our labs in record time. And when researchers ask us to introduce variants, our production teams are able to build and produce very quickly their customized buffer to test it".

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