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I obtained my PhD in 2010 from Rennes University (with F. Tiaho), where I studied xenopus larvae with 2-photon microscopy. I then joined the group of N. Peyriéras (Gif-sur-Yvette) to investigate cell dynamics in live zebrafish embryos, sharpening my skills to babysit embryos to make sure they are happy and comfortable under the scope. I joined the group of M. Zernicka-Goetz (Cambridge, UK), where I learnt techniques related to mammal embryos. There I realized how demanding these bunch of cells are when it deals with microscopy. I met 3D in vitro systems, and moved to Bordeaux in 2015 to work with P. Nassoy and the alginate capsules! Here, as a CNRS researcher, I study these balls of cells, and still develop microscopy approaches. It was obvious to me to muster up the techniques specifically developed by each community and that's how the "Mount(n)" was born.

Research topics

Whether on embryos or on in vitro systems, I study cell self-organisation in a 3D environment using biophysics approaches.
Not only looking at how cells dynamically organise to give rise to a bigger structure, but also using that knowledge to make them organize in a specific manner, trying to achieve what we call a physiomimetic morphogenesis.

Fields of interest

Cell self-organization; tissue biomechanics; physiomimetic morphogenesis




The first stamp to imprint arrays of wells in hydrogels and to mount 3D biological samples for parallelized microscopy experiments. Stampwell ensures the sample stillness, long-term medium-throughput and automatized multi-position image acquisition for a significant timesaving.

Several publications

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