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Promote technical know-how

Because researchers are developing and demanding the most innovative tools, Idylle, a specialist in reagents and consumables in life sciences, has designed a community platform for them.


Idylle accelerates the discovery of new products

By providing the latest innovative technologies on the platform and by identifying the best industrial partners for their production at scale in optimal conditions.


Idylle encourages direct exchanges between researchers who design and use innovative research tools

By providing community-based chat rooms to enable researchers to share their insights and knowledge about a technology.


Idylle manages all the operations from the suppliers to the customers

By managing all logistical and administrative operations so that you can receive as soon as possible and in optimal conditions high quality products based on the most relevant technologies for your research.

With Idylle, researchers:

  • finance further their work

  • benefit from expertise

  • increase their notoriety.

With Idylle, institutions:

  • increase the profitability of their investments

  • reinforce their brand image

  • accelerate technology transfer.