How does the tech transfer with Idylle work?

 Researchers who have developed an innovative technology, either published or about to be, and who believe it can be useful to many others call upon us. They want to know if their technology is ready for the academic market. We are here to tell them. See how.

What happens next?

You want to know if your technology is ready 
for the academic market? 

At Idylle, we believe that only on the basis of a strong analyzis (science, market, people), in addition to your desire to try the adventure of going to the academic market, can you make a decision. So we’ve put together a scientific method to review your technology. 

This usually takes place in your laboratory (though a collaboration contract) and in ours. Our team also assesses academic users, their practice, their workflow, their needs, to better understand how mature a research market could be for your technology. At last, we design a production process able to standardize your technology and turn it into a reproducible & stable product. Then we open our desk to you and present our complete analysis. You can now decide. Ready?

Contact us if you want to  talk about your technology