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Isabelle AUJARD




I studied at the university Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI) and I specialized in organic chemistry. After a PhD in synthesis methodology (Pr. A. Alexakis, Paris VI) and a post-doctorate on the synthesis of the Tridemethylisovelleral, a potent cytotoxic agent (Pr. O. Sterner, Lund University, Sweden), I joined the Chemistry Department of the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris). I was here recruited as a research engineer and I continued research at the interface of chemistry, biology and physics in L. Jullien's group. I then started to work on the synthesis of photolabile protecting groups, caged compounds and fluorogenic ligands compatible with biological applications.

Research topics

I work mostly on the synthesis, characterization and physicochemical study of chemical species with tailored spectroscopic properties.

Fields of interest

Photolabile protecting groups, caged compounds, fluorescent ligands.





Actiflash is the stable Tamoxifen-like photoactivable inducer to perform a spatial and temporal control of your favorite proteins under illumination

Several publications

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