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Thomas LE SAUX




Initially trained as a pharmacist at Université de Caen, I did a PhD in analytical and physical chemistry in the group of Prof. P. Gareil (Universite Paris 6). After a post-doc at the University of Hyogo in the group of Prof. S. Terabe, I became an assistant professor at Universite Paris 6 now Sorbonne Université in the group of Prof. Ludovic Jullien.

Research topics

My research is motivated by developing and applying protocols with their associated instruments to better describe various systems ranging from a simple solution to living cells or organisms. Together with other researchers, I have introduced innovative tools and rationalized their use to selectively recover useful information or image about these systems.

Fields of interest

Biophysical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Thermokinetics, Photophysics.





Actiflash is the stable Tamoxifen-like photoactivable inducer to perform a spatial and temporal control of your favorite proteins under illumination

Several publications

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