The Test Programs by Idylle

We want to change the way you try innovations

The ​Test Program is a 4-week program

to help early-users try our latest products at a reduced price

with the freedom to send them back if their tests are not conclusive

A Program for early-users

to try our innovations 

at a reduced Test Program price instead of the retail price

with the freedom to send them back

if their tests are not conclusive

4 weeks to test

for their own applications

workflow, sample, usage

before closing & feedback session

the product becomes available for all at our distributors 

Discover our Test Programs in details: our feedback loops, the new campaigns, what happens in the end of the Test Programs and more.

Check the frequent questions about the Test Programs"Is my feedback anonymous?" "Why do I need to buy the product when my test is conclusive?" 

The Test Program in details

A Program for new applications

All our products go through a thorough process of tests, led by our teams. It covers the applications for which their developers have specifically designed them. However, we know that our innovations can be useful to much more applications! So we've designed the Test Program for the researchers who might want to use our just released products for new applications. With the Test Program, they can try our innovations at a reduced Test Program price, and with the freedom to send them back if their tests are not conclusive.

Feedback loop and new campaigns

At the end of the 4 weeks of testing, all Program researchers share with us their feedback on the use of the product for their particular application. We want to know as much as possible about their experience. Sometimes the feedback of a Test Program raise a new usability question. In this case, we are launching a 2nd campaign of test with new questions.

This feedback loop allows us to refine our usage recommendations for future users. And when necessary, it also encourages us to review the design of a product on the margins. See the Idylle process of continuously improving our products. 

A non conclusive test shouldn't cost more than time. So it's free of charge

If a test is not conclusive, then the researcher engaged in the Test Program won’t have to pay anything. Our Test Program manager will organize repatriation of the product at Idylle.

Closing of the Test Program

When the feedback from the first users involved in the Test Program is sufficiently consistent, we close the Test Program. The product is becoming available to as many people as possible from our distributors, and from Idylle in France.

The 3 steps of the Test Program


during 4 weeks 
at a reduced Test Program price

You never test a sample but the real product

We provide full support for any scientific & workflow issue you may have


your feedback on the use of the product for your application: 

its protocol, its conditions of use, its efficiency with your workflow


the Test Program

If you validate the efficiency of the product for your workflow, you confirm your purchase. And you buy the product at a reduced price. If you don't, we collect the product back at Idylle and you don't pay anything.

      Picture credit: National Cancer Institute on Unsplash