The Test Programs by Idylle


We want to change the way you try brand new innovations

We know how tricky it can be to buy an innovative product when you're not 100% sure it works for your own research project. 
Indeed, sometimes it does look pretty nice. 
But is it really as groundbreaking as they say?

That's exactly why we set up the Test Programs By Idylle.

What do you get there?

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Our Test Programs give you the unique opportunity to test for free the most innovative research tools developed by researchers that we publish. 
Only if you like them can you buy the products that you want to keep.

Before all, you decide which product you want to test. And you decide when you want to start testing: in 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months.

At the end of your test period, you just commit to tell us and the product developers how it went for you.
We highly value these feedbacks of use: they contribute to the Idylle process of continuously improving the tools we publish, for the best benefit of the whole scientific community. 

The Test Program is a 4-week program

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Joining a Test Program By Idylle is

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    Willing to join a Test Program By Idylle?   

    We set up new Test Programs on a regular basis. Every 2 months on average.
    If you want to know the dates of the next one, just ask us. 

    We all hope you'll enjoy your tests and get fantastic results with your innovative experiments!